What Is Anger Management

question markWhat Is Anger Management? is a fair question asked by many who visit this site. Anger Management is about reflecting on yourself to see the reasons why you get angry, and coming up with a strategy to reduce the problems caused by anger in the future. It is usually done with the help of a therapist. There are also many self-help books on anger management

Anger management is not about eliminating anger altogether. It is a natural human emotion and it would take away from a person if they took some kind of pill or did some kind of course to eliminate anger. We need to get angry sometimes! Anger management is about analyzing the situations in which you get angry, identifying the triggers of the anger and seeing how you can improve situations in the future. It is essentially about learning skills of emotional control, or emotional intelligence. This won’t make you into a robot! In fact it will make you less of a robot as other more gentle and positive emotions will have a chance to flourish inside a person who can control their anger.

This site is obviously all about anger management, so follow the links on the left hand side to get more elaboration on the topic. This whole site is an answer to the question of what Anger Management is. If anger is a major problem for you, or someone close to you, I suggest seeking help immediately. Find a counsellor in your area, or see your GP or Doctor for advice.