Hypnotherapy For Anger Management

Could hypnotherapy for anger management work? Short answer yes it can achieve amazing results for many people. The main thing I think that affects if hypnotherapy will work for you is how much you believe in it. If you believe it can work, you will be naturally more relaxed and less skeptical during hypnosis. This means your mind will welcome the positive suggestions said by the hypnotherapist and you will see the effects in your day to day life.

Hypnotherapy is ideal to treat problems that can surface from the subconscious mind such as anger, anxiety, stress, phobias, habits and fears. It works by getting the client into a very deep state of relaxation. If you have not experienced this before, imagine watching TV and feeling relaxed with nothing to do, just chilling out. Now imagine something a hundred times more relaxed than that. So there is little or no mental chatter and you feel divine. It is in this state that you can accept positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, This is the part of your mind that works beneath the surface that you are not aware of in your normal thoughts. This is why
it is worth trying hypnotherapy for anger management.

Contrary to what is portrayed on some film and on TV, no one can be given suggestions to do things that are against their will. You can’t be hypnotized into handing over the contents of you wallet, unless you really want to do that. In stage hypnosis you see people doing silly things, but this is mainly because they are up for it (they volunteer in the first place). The hypnosis just helps them be more relaxed and to believe the wacky suggestions the stage hypnotist uses. An extension to this is that no one can hypnotize you without your will. If you are bent on not being hypnotized then the hypnotherapist cannot help you.

The number of hypnotherapy sessions can vary but is usually small. From perhaps one to six. This is in contrast to counseling which can have several months worth of sessions. Counseling and hypnotherapy are complimentary so you can do both. Tell your counselor you want to see a hypnotherapist. Or maybe your counselor is a hypnotherapist as well (many counselors learn hypnotherapy and vice-verse because the two are closely connected).

Hypnotherapy sessions usually cost similar to counseling, with the exception of Stop Smoking sessions which are usually more expensive but you only need one or two sessions for smoking. However we are talking about hypnotherapy for anger management
here, so costs are similar per session.

You are likely to be taught self-hypnosis during your sessions so you can hypnotize yourself regularly after your course of treatment has come to an end. There are also hypnosis tracks on CD and MP3 which you can order / download to help you. Some of these are targeted at hypnotherapy for anger management. There are also books with hypnosis scripts that you could read out and record for yourself, or get a friend to read out for you. However I recommend doing these things once you have seen a qualified hypnotherapist so you can get the most out of these activities.