Family Anger Management

child anger courseFamily Anger Management is an crucial topic. Your family life and upbringing is one of the strongest things to influence the development of your character. People can spend years trying to understand the effect of their family unit. If anger is an issue in a family, the problem can be passed on the next generation and the next.
Patterns of anger learned as a young child can be repeated in later relationships outside the family, for example with a partner or a friend. The good news is that an anger management treatment plan can turn around the problems of being raised in families where anger is predominant.

In this section of the site we have some articles about anger management for families, whether you are the parent and have issues with angry children, or if you are the angry parents and worried about the effect on your children.

The first page of information is Anger Management For Teens. Read this if you are a parent of a teenager with anger issues or if you are a teenager yourself having trouble with anger.

We then give some information on Anger Management For Children which has some very useful practical tips.

Stress balls can be useful for short term relief, but there are also some more effective anger management toys for children. Find out more here.

Try Jamie Sullivan’s free child anger management course. The free course requires you to provide an email address. However he will keep the address private and you can opt out at any time.

If you prefer listening to reading, the Solutions For Calming Childrens Anger audio Provides A Step By Step Plan For Reducing Outbursts, Solutions For 9 Common Anger Triggers And 14 Calming Methods Provided By A Psychologist With 15 Years Experience.