Anger Management Worksheets

woman revisingAnger Management Worksheets are printouts that contain exercises to help with anger
management. They are an integral part of a course or counseling program.

Also the equivalent of these worksheets can often be found in books on Anger Management,
such as:

Beating Anger: The Eight-Point Plan for Coping with Rage

by Mike Fisher. This is a book I have purchased and highly recommend for a simple
to-the-point intoduction and solution to anger management. There are summary exercises
at the end of each section that you can photocopy and enlarge to use as a worksheet.

Here are some online worksheets you may find useful:

  • provide free and paid for worksheets. We have an example
    of their anger management worksheet for you to look at and print for free. Click here to see the worksheet.
  • provides a downloadable audio workshop on anger management. He has a very gentle
    and calming voice and talks frankly and compassionately about anger issues and how
    to resolve your anger.

Design Your Own Anger Worksheets

You may not be able to find worksheets here or on the internet to meet you requirements.
It is however simple to create you own anger worksheets. You just need basic softwar
such as Microsoft Word or Excel, (or the free alternatives: OpenOffice Writer or

As an example, a simple anger tracking chart could might inclues these categories:

Anger level: A number scale (1-10) to measure anger is an straightforward
way to record anger levels. You can assign each number a meaning e.g. 10 = Complete
Utter Rage, 6 = Quite Irritated, etc. so that you can be consistent with your numbering.

Physical response: How did your body respond to the anger episode?
Did you feel muscle tension, fast breathing, or similar symptoms?

Trigger: What caused you to feel angry? What was the origin of
the anger?

Reaction: What reaction did your feelings of anger cause? Did you
walk away, mull over the problem, have an verbal outburst, or get violent?

Others reactions: How did the others around you react to your expression
of anger? Did they retaliate with anger, were they scared of you, or did it cause
them embarassment?

Method of control: What steps did you take to get your anger under
control? Which techniques (if any) did you try?

Post-outburst anger level: After working to control your anger,
how did you feel? Were your anger management techniques effective?