Anger Management Videos

Anger Management Videos are an excellent way to learn about anger and how to deal with it. Anger Management Videos can be purchased as DVDs or watched for free on sites such as YouTube. On this page I have included some YouTube videos you can watch right here, and links to DVDs you can buy.

Many people prefer learning from a Video, TV or Movie because you can sit back, unwind and just take it in. We are now so used to the television that learning from the “moving picture” comes naturally. The clips have the advantage of being short and giving you some very helpful advice in a short space of time. These can be watched in the morning whilst having breakfast, at lunchtime (if you have internet at work), or when you have a spare few minutes in the evening. They can fit into a busy life where maybe an entire book may seem too much to deal with just now.So please have a browse below at our embedded videos and links to other sites.

Anger Management – The Problem (Video)

Our first video is from Mike Fisher, Founder, British Association of Anger Management (BAAM). BAAM is the sole centre of expert knowledge for every characteristic of anger management and conflict management. They offer training and support for the general public as well as government.

The rest of the Mike Fisher videos on VideoJug, see

Emotional Freedom Technique (Video)

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EDT) is a method of releasing unwanted negative emotions from the mind and body. It takes advantage of special points in the body known as meridian points. Tapping these points in the correct sequence whist focusing on aspects of the problem can help reduce the emotional attachment. See the video for more information. Anger Management with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Anger Strategies (Video)

If EFT was a bit too out there for you, then this video may be more up your street. It has some simple strategies for dealing with anger and managing anger.

Strategies for Anger Management