Anger Management Toys

anger management toysAnger Toys for Adults

Stress Balls are the most well known of Anger Management Toys. They are soft balls designed to be squeezed by a stressed person, perhaps in the office, and are a popular gift. So if you are stressed or angry you take it out on the ball instead of another person. I’ve never owned one myself but I’ve seen many people use them. The image on this right shows what I mean.

Interestingly, stress balls have been around since ancient civilization, for both stress and medical uses. Stress balls have been used to improve coordination, reduce the affects of arthritis and rheumatism and increase blood circulation.

Do these balls actually help with anger management? Well I think not because it doesn’t address the true issues, and in-fact acting out your anger in this way (similar to punching a pillow) can make you more prone to getting angry. Thats not to say bottling it up is a good idea either, but a more intelligent approach to anger management, such as you would learn on an anger management course would be a good idea.

Some toy manufacturers take the idea of a stress toy to a more violent level. For example below is a picture of an anger management toy where you strangle the boss! I’m doubtful this sends out the right message about good anger management, but admittedly it looks fun. Click the image to see it in full size.

choking strangler boss anger management toy

Anger Toys for Children

While these toys are fun, and may make fun gifts (for people who have everything perhaps) they are not really designed to really address anger, and are not really suitable for children. There are games for children to help improve their emotional intelligence, such as “My First Therapy Game”, “The Nurturing Game”. These games I find fascinating because there was nothing like when I was a child, and even today it isn’t such a mainstream thing. If you are a teacher or parent I hope you consider looking at games like this. To find out more visit the child therapy toys website

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