Anger Management Tips

Helpful TipsCheck out these anger management tips for a quick fix!

What I hear you say! A quick fix? There are no shortcuts in life. It’s all hard

Well maybe you are right. But sometimes a quick fix can help.

Yes I am advocating that sometimes a quick fix is a good thing! It can solve
a problem. You can move on. It can help to calm the current situation whilst you
look for more longer term anger management self help like counseling, group sessions,
training or reading books.

I hope this section of the site can help you, one anger management tip at a time.
A great resource to help you is

Please check out the pages below for further information:
ten tips for anger management.
which give 10 quick tactics to overcome your
anger. Print out this simple list it could rapidly change your life.

We have some good advice about anger management worksheets for you too look at.

There is some general anger management information and techniques or strategies.

Emotional Intelligence is a term which means the level of understanding
of own emotions, and our skill at coping with them. It was the publication of Daniel Goleman’s brilliant book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ that the term Emotional Intelligence became widely popularized.

Check out Anger Management Tools and Exercises for more information in those areas. And
for those who have anger issues at work, or have to deal with anger of other people in the office, see anger management in the workplace.

The tips already cover this somewhat, but you may want to see our page about anger management control.