Anger Management Tests

Girl with a study bookAnger Management Tests and Quizzes are usually short multiple choice questionnaires designed to gauge if you have an anger problem.

The problem with these tests is that they can be inaccurate as they may ask the wrong questions, or be compiled by someone without a true understanding of anger. Lets face it anyone can come up with a common-sense multiple choice questionnaire, assign each answer a score (0,1 or 2) and then write some blurb about controlling your anger if you got a high score!

So my recommendation is to treat these tests as a bit of fun. Don’t take them seriously – see a counselor or attend an anger management course if you need a serious assessment. However when doing a test try to answer honestly instead of giving the answer you think you should give.

So what is the difference between a quiz and a test? I am going to define a test as a series of questions with an assessment at the end based on your answers. This is usually based on each answer having a score, and adding up the scores gives an overall result which indicates the extent of your anger problem (if you have one). I have an article with an anger management test in here.

Here is an example of a question you could encounter on a test:

You have managed to find a space on a very busy car park. Just as you are about to park, another car pulls in from the opposite direction, do you?

  • Feel mildly irritated but shrug it off, after all, it’s just a parking space!
  • Say nothing, but feel a seething rage and imagine lots of nasty things happening to the individual who is now parked where you should be
  • Get out of the car and hurl abuse at the individual who stole YOUR space and demand for them to move immediately

A quiz I guess is just finding out how much you know about anger management, in a pub quiz style. This means that it is your knowledge that is being tested, not your thinking or behavior. This page has an anger management quiz.