Links to Anger Management Tests

anger management testAnger Management Tests are a series of questions, usually multiple choice, followed by a system of assessing your answers. This is usually achieved by using a score for each answer.

Below we have our own test, and links to anger management tests on the web.

Anger Management Test

Look at the statements below and score one point for each statement that you agree with:

  • You are consuming alcohol or taking drugs (e.g. weed) almost daily to help you calm down
  • Others tell you that you need to calm down
  • You feel tense a lot of the time
  • At work, you often do not say what is on your mind
  • When you are upset, you try to block the world. For example by watching TV, reading a book or magazine, or going to sleep
  • It is hard for you to get to sleep
  • Your friends don’t seem to want to see you
  • You feel not understood or not listened to much of the time
  • People ask you not to shout or swear so much
  • Your partner or family keep saying that you are hurting them


  • 0-2: MANAGEABLE: you could benefit from relaxation training
  • 3-5: MODERATE: you may need to learn more about what stresses you, and learn stress management techniques
  • 6+: OUT OF CONTROL: you may have an anger problem that could benefit from learning anger management techniques

Links to tests on the web

  • GMTV is a morning television program shown in the United Kingdom. It has a website with this interactive test for anger management.
  • There is this interesting test from On the plus side there are 25 questions – more than usual. However I would question how it weights the answers. For example it treats these two statements as equal in it’s assessment:

    “I find it very hard to forgive someone who has done me wrong.”

    “At times, I’ve felt angry enough to kill.”

    I’d say they are completely different, and the feeling of wanting to kill would signify much bigger problem than simply finding it hard to forgive. So with that in mind, click here to see the test.

  • The Anger Toolkit is a different kind of test, in that it is asking you to reflect rather than answer yes/no questions. The answers come from your own mind rather than from adding up a score, so it complements the other tests and gives you a different perspective.