Anger Management Seminar

An anger management seminar is similar to an anger management class. For this reason we suggest you first read out page on what to expect from anger management classes.

Seminars are usually smaller groups, are more discussion than teaching based. They are designed to supplement material learned elsewhere for example from a live class, on-line class or reading material.

The term seminar often relates to courses designed for companies and their employees. Bosses may send their staff to an a seminar if there has been a particular anger issue in the workplace, for example. However the seminars are of course available to all people, not just businesses.

A side note

When searching for information on seminars, I have come across something called the Release Technique . It is a CD based course with the aim to release negative emotions and therefore improve your health and finances. An example testimonial “Since taking the course I have made $920,000 using The Release Technique. It s simple and it s easy.” gives a taste of their marketing strategy. Although I have not tried it myself, I would advise extreme caution when looking at product of this nature. Not only is it expensive, but the advice given may be not the best psychological advice for everyone. There will be many positive reviews of the technique on the internet, because of their affiliate program that pays people if they make a sale. If you want to see some genuine reviews from people not incentivised to say good things, see this,6223,page=2.