Anger Management Quiz Answers

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1. Is anger an emotion we consciously evoke?

C. The initial fear response in the limbic system occurs at an unconscious level. But an instant later a preliminary threat assessment is made in the sensory cortex. The final decision to sustain or shut down the fear or anger response is a product of the conscious mind.

2. What is the relationship between anger and aggression?

A. Anger is a basic emotion. Aggression is a conscious decision to harm the source of the anger – The attitude that the world is a threatening place is “hostility.”

3. Which of the following is NOT a long-term effect of chronic anger?

D. A hyperactive immune system – Chronic anger depresses the immune system

4. True or False? Anger management has been discredited because it has a high
failure rate.

False. That judgment assumes that chronic anger is something that can be “fixed” once and for all. It is more appropriate to view it as an addiction, like smoking, which may involve multiple treatment failures before the addiction is finally conquered

5. True or False? Venting your anger–getting it off your chest–is a good idea

False. While it was formerly believed that acting out anger reduced tension and stress, later research has shown that it only increases aggressiveness.

6. Which of the following is NOT a negative effect of turning anger inward?

B. Depressed blood pressure (hypotension) – Chronic anger causes high blood pressure (hypertension).

7. Which of the following reactions is NOT an example of “Awfulizing”?

D. “He did that on purpose!” – That’s an example of another unproductive angry thought pattern, called “Mind Reading”

8. Select the phrase that most accurately completes this sentence: “Your anger will begin to subside.”

B. …as soon as you stop perceiving a threat. Anger is a response to a threat. As soon as you see that there is no threat, anger begins to subside.

9. Which of the following is the mechanism that the body employs to return to a normal state?

A. Homeostasis. – Homeostasis is the technical name for the system of automatic checks and balances designed to return the body to a normal state. (The other three answers are the names of brain messenger chemicals that raise the level of excitation.)

10. Why should your response to becoming angry be to STOP. DISENGAGE AND THINK?

D. All of the above

11. Which of the following cannot be resolved through conflict resolution?

C. A zero-sum situation. Conflict resolution cannot resolve a situation in which neither side can win unless the other loses.

12. True or False? In conflict resolution, unresolved prior conflicts must be carefully excluded from the discussion.

False. Failure to resolve such conflicts will foster distrust and resentment, and probably lead to new confrontations.

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