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Anger Busters

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Newton Hightower has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 30 years. He has a message for angry men – that you can Abstain, Believe and Communicate to solve your anger. He has real life experience and worked through his own anger problems that almost wrecked his marriage. His company website can be found here: Anger Busters Inc.

The Center For Anger Resolution, Inc. 2524 Nottingham, Houston, Texas 77005

Anger Management Institute of Texas

[Anger Management Houston]

The Anger Management Institute of Texas offers Anger Management, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Training services to clients in the Greater Houston Texas area. Gregory A. Kyles has over 18 years in providing mental health counseling services.

2200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 420, Houston, Texas 77098, Phone: 281-477-9105. Fax: 281-970-2031

Parenting Partnerships

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DEBORAH CASHEN, Certified Family Life Educator, founder and co-owner of Parenting Partnerships, Inc. has over 20 years of experience working with families in a variety of settings including schools, businesses, faith-based organizations and local and national conferences.

Parenting Partnerships, Inc. 222 Pennbright Rd. Suite 135Houston, TX 77090(281)-874-5890

Parenting Partnerships, 1900 St. James Place Suite 880, Houston , TX 77056 (713)-880-3665