Anger Management Exercises for All Ages

Anger management exercises can help you exercise your ability to control anger bursts when necessary. These exercises can vary from actual classes such as yoga, or breathing techniques. Learning to control your actions and mental responses are key for controlling anger. Mental and physical anger controlling exercises are easy to do and can make a huge impact on your responses to situations.

Deep breathing is a technique and exercise that is commonly taught in yoga classes, as well as Pilates. Over the centuries, deep breathing has been taught to those suffering from anger control problems. When you take in slow deep breaths, the oxygen lowers stress levels and gives you some time to think clearly. This can be combined with any relaxing pose or position. If you are in public, just breathing will suffice.

Another exercise that works for adolescents and adults alike is to write your emotions. When you feel angry, quickly write down what you are feeling. Try to think outside of the “angry” emotion, and really describe what you are feeling deep down. Not only will this exercise give you 2 minutes to calm down, it will help you visualize how you feel. After writing them down, try to sketch those emotions out. It doesn’t matter what they look like, just doing it will help dramatically. After doing this exercise, you can either shred the paper or throw it away. After awhile you will learn to do those things with your anger as well.

Anger management exercises come in a hundred different forms. There is something for everyone, and every situation. Trying different exercises can help you change your habits and learn to relax in angering situations. Since anger affects everyone, there are also various exercises for children, adolescents, parents, and adults to try.