Anger Management Counseling

What is the lowdown on Anger Management Counseling? It is an investment of your time, money and patience in return for which you can lead a calmer, less angry life. It isn’t easy because you have to deal with hard truths. However the counselor will be understanding and empathetic to your situation. Any qualified counselor can help you, but some counselors will specialize in anger, and take a keen interest in the latest developments, so look out for this on the counselors resume, CV or website.

Many counselors will use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) which is a here and now approach to the situation. Rather than delving into the past they will look at the triggers that lead to anger in current situations. This can make a vast improvement to the patients quality of life in the short term.

If you live in the USA, you can search for counseling here, or in the UK you can search BACP here.

When searching for a counselor find out how much experience they have with anger problems, what kind of program they will use for anger. Try to judge in the first one to five sessions if you like the counselor and think you will have a good relationship with that person. Feel free to ask questions such as why are we doing this , how long will this take etc. because no question is a stupid one. You need to understand the process and not just be dragged along because they are the expert . Ideally the counselor will encourage you to ask questions as well.