Anger Management Classes

students in anger classThe aim of Anger Management Classes is to teach effective anger management skills. These classes can be a one-on-one basis (individual counseling) or in a group (anger management groups). These classes are available all throughout the world, and there is probably one near you.

Open discussion classes will allow you to learn how to handle your anger, as well as meet friends to help you deal with all of the pressures of life.

For example, the Century Anger Management model of intervention teaches skills in assertive communication, learning to respond instead of react, improving judgment and impulse control, empathy and emotional awareness, expectation management, improving self-talk, forgiveness, stress management and anger control techniques.

There are also online classes such as The AJ Norvick Group. People who cannot attend a local in-person class due to a busy lifestyle or inconvenient location may find such a service useful. However I believe an online course will have limitations compared to an in-person course, but it is certainly better than nothing.

What to expect

Classes will generally start off simply. The therapist will identify the level of anger you feel. Is it just irritation at life or does it escalates into a rage that blinds you to reason? Step two is to identify the triggers that spark the anger that lies within. Are you ignoring an issue in your life that is bothering you? That issue could be triggering your aggression towards other people.

There are alternate methods of dealing with anger and you will discover these in your anger management class. Many counselors advise deep breathing and meditation. You can also take stock of the situation and look at it with humorous attitude.

Classes in you area

** I will add soon some links to classes in specific areas of the US and around the world. Please watch this space for more information.